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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Baby School with Noey

I found this idea on Pinterest to make stringing beads out of straws.

Since Noey is a baby he couldn't get them on shoelaces. I gave him a tiny dowel to use instead.



I took some playdoh and put the sticks into it. He enjoyed putting the beads on it that way, too.


I wear myself out keeping that little stinker busy so the bigger boys can do this.



Jessica said...

My nephew is 15 months. I am going to pass this idea along! I have been waiting to make up some homemade play dough for him as well but his parents thought he would eat it (not that it would harm him....). I am going to make it and give him some straws to go along with it! What a great idea.

Phyllis said...

Great idea to use a dowel!

Amanda said...

Love that idea!! Noah and Trent would be the best of friends if they lived closer to each other. :)