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Monday, February 13, 2012

Squishy Homemade Play Dough and Timers

The boys and I love this new play dough we made up for Noey.


2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 tsp. cream of tartar
2 cups water
2 tbsp. oil

Just put everything into the saucepan and mix and cook over medium heat. Feel free to add scents or glitter. Once it is very, very thick turn it out onto the counter and knead it and allow it to cool. It keeps really well in a plastic container.

Remy also got some art time in this day.


I bought each boy a timer. I had them write their names on them. The reason? School was lasting all day. It didn't matter when we started. Since I have Noey to care for I wasn't on top of their being on task. It was time to have them take more responsibility for their own time in school.

They set the timer for 25 minutes for penmanship. If they finish it in 15 minutes they may keep the extra 10 minutes and add on the next time. So if in math they are given 35 minutes, they now have 45 minutes for math. They are loving this. The boys are working within the time given and I am freed up for more Noey time. :) Both boys like to see how many minutes they have left at the end of lessons. I write it down in their notebook each day by the date.


Elijah worked on run-on sentences. *I am so guilty of this.*


Remy worked on complete sentences.


It was a good day. :)


Jessica said...

I like the idea of a timer and your minute "bank" they can deposit into! Our days are built around our activities. We know that we have to be finished by noon most days in order to get where they need to go. But yesterday we had the whole day at home and our work took up most of the day since it was not structured. I will have to try this with the kitchen timer next time!

Cortney said...

Love your timer idea! We are pretty unstructured, but when we do sit down to work on something specific it can take forever because he won't just do it. I've started structuring just the first hour of the day, and I think I'll and see if the timer will help, too. Thanks!