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Thursday, January 31, 2013

When You Feel Your Getting Nothing Done

I am trying to come back and blog like I used to. I enjoy it so much. I have many things I want and need to say.

I was looking through my photos. I don't have near as many as I used to. I don't even take many now. I do snap a lot with my phone and post to facebook for my family. I think that took up my time of sharing. The thing is, I am missing the record of our lives on here.

I remember the day I took this picture.

It was one of those moments when I remembered how far Elijah has come. He cried learning to read. He cried because he couldn't tie his shoes right off the bat. He was always upset and apprehensive of new skills. Writing. I could fill a bathtub or more with the tears we had over writing. You know what? He doesn't cry anymore. Is it always done quickly, no. He suffers writers block. Have the child speak about something he loves and the words flow and flow...out of his mouth! *giggle

This research paper took weeks. He had certain tasks to meet here and there. He read, he researched, he told me he couldn't do it. Somehow out of the labor a paper started to appear. He finally saw how all that prep work was for something. It started to fit. Yes, I did some hand holding. I had moments of pure aggravation where I wanted to scream, "JUST WRITE, it isn't that hard!" I sat looking at this paper and told him how proud I was.

He was thankful it was over. One day he will call me and tell me that those hours we spent on that paper were for a reason. I know because I have called my own mother and said thankyou and sorry about numerous learning moments in my life. It just seems in the midst of it that you are going no-where. It is too hard. Is it even worth it? Will you ever really use this lesson?

The beautiful thing about helping my children through tough spots in their education so closely is that it teaches me, it nudges me with reminders of things I need to work hard on in my own life. Have I dropped the ball on a task, a project, or my calling in life? Homeschooling is about more than education. It is a very spiritual evolving lesson...for the whole family.


Jessica said...

This is beautiful. It can be hard to watch as they struggle with something, especially if it is something that comes with ease to us. I have one girl who loves to write and one who does not. Thank you for the reminder to be patient...

Juliann said...

I am glad to see you back! Good reminder

Melissa said...

I keep thinking I should get back to blogging, there aren't enough hours in a day lately!