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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My New Tiny Obsession

It all started with these...
 photo BalletSlippers_zpsf04733ac.jpg

...and that snowballed to these.
 photo BrownLoafers0-3monthsize_zps8a3c288c.jpg
 photo GreyLoafers_zps7f9bff30.jpg
 photo PondLoafers_zpsdbc7c6cb.jpg
 photo LadybugShoes_zpsa8e4b952.jpg
 photo PinkCowgirlBoots_zpsd1db7c47.jpg
 photo PurpleCowgirlBoots_zps863782b5.jpg
 photo PinkandChocolateFlowerShoes_zpsdff88208.jpg
 photo BlueberryCobblerMaryJanes_zpsebd6bd6c.jpg
 photo LetMeCallYouSweetheartShoes_zpsfb92961a.jpg
 photo PinkWhiteKittyLoafers_zps2163305a.jpg
Are they not just EYE-CANDY????!!!! I enjoy crafting these little sweet shoes. :-) I have been selling quite a few, too.

If you are a crocheter and would like to make your own you can go and do a search for The Lovely Crow. ;) Happy Crafting!


Jessica said...

These are adorable!!

Erin sherry said...

Oh chelita! I want all of them. Those are so darn cute!