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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweet Madeline

I saw this adorable pup pop up on my Facebook page. Our local high-kill shelter had picked her up that day. I went to see her as soon as I woke-up.
 photo Maddie10_zpsf7920dee.jpg

She was a horrible matted mess. She smelled horrible. She was matted so badly on her belly...we are talking poop in her matts. Matts that had been there for years. I have never seen such a mess up close. She spent almost 9 days at the shelter in freezing temps, rain, etc. I cried nightly wanting to bring her home. From the first moment I was hers. It was something I knew. I knew I had to be her person. I prayed nightly her owners wouldn't find her. How could they have treated her that way?

The day finally arrived. I arrived bright and early with the boys and waited for hours to be the first in line when they opened. I had people coming up to me wondering if I was there for her. I told them sorry, that I was, she was mine. As soon as I had her in my arms I felt complete. This moment...right here...
 photo Maddie5_zpsf46fbbd7.jpg

The boys held her as we drove to the "puppy spa".
 photo Maddie2_zps2630ec1f.jpg

Didn't she clean up nicely?
 photo Maddie9_zpsc18751ce.jpg

I miss her long hair and bathe and brush her all the time. She is my doll baby.

She met her daddy when he came home...
 photo Maddie8_zps7e192fde.jpg

We celebrated her return to us after we had her spayed.
 photo Maddie3_zps8e10f827.jpg

We showed her our favorite spots.
 photo Maddie7_zps695ea5d7.jpg

She helped me knit and crochet.
 photo Maddie1_zps28fe55be.jpg

She traveled from Louisiana to Florida to surprise my mom with her long awaited Yorkie Pup.
 photo Maddie6_zps628b84a0.jpg

She has been such a joy. The lessons learned in our homeschool were many.
1. Love for someone who needed adoption.
2. Gaining trust from someone who had no reason to trust.
3. Helping someone through surgery.
4. Praying for someone until they came home to us.
5. The joy of watching someone come to life again through love.

The list could go on and on...for your next pet...go to your local shelter. The feelings I had those early days were something I didn't expect. She blessed me to the depth of my heart. Such a beautiful girl. She is my faithful companion. She no longer thinks of her past and fully accepts she is rotten. She believes she is important. She knows she is loved.


Jessica said...

This is so beautiful! It was the perfect start to my day. Enjoy every moment of her. What is her name??

Jessica said...

Duh....just saw the title to this post! Never mind!!! Love her name.