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Friday, June 07, 2013

No Where to Go?

My parents were supposed to come in to visit Memorial Day weekend. Daddy became ill with the shingles and so they stayed home. It was up to us to find things to do. The weather was beautiful and funds were low. We turned our backyard into a campground.

Noey enjoyed making the "house in the outside".
 photo Tent9_zps9a7cdda7.jpg
 photo Tent7_zpsffc6562f.jpg

My big boys were old pros at making a tent this time. Noey was just a baby the first time.
 photo Tent8_zps32a0e0b9.jpg
 photo Tent6_zpsa5791915.jpg

We swam, made a campfire, and made smores.
 photo Tent5_zpsf538024d.jpg

Only the big boys slept outside. I don't do HOT when I sleep.
 photo Tent4_zpsfd2503dd.jpg
 photo Tent3_zps77eb9ad2.jpg

Matthew went out there to check on them before we fell asleep. There was a Monopoly game started and Ben10 on the laptop. He tucked them in with their pups and they slept there until the birds woke them.
 photo Tent2_zpsdc69ccdc.jpg
 photo Tent1_zpseecadb8a.jpg

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