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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Lafayette Business Trip with Daddy

We went for the weekend with Matthew, the daddy person, to play in Lafayette while he had a class and test for work. I took the boys to the Lafayette Natural History Museum while we were waiting for Daddy that first day.

Noey was thrilled to find some dino related exhibits.
 photo BizTrip15_zps6735ac38.jpg

He loves anything open to him for touching and they had real fossils to touch and feel.
 photo BizTrip14_zps8fa3268b.jpg

Most things were behind glass...he didn't approve.
 photo BizTrip13_zps94df7e4a.jpg

The smaller boys totally loved this one exhibit. You would spin the ball and watch some pretty swirls. Eli says it was used to explain how turbulents move inside of a spherical area, or something like that. I will take his word for it. I was exhausted and allowed Eli and Remy to explain it all to Noey and themselves.
 photo BizTrip12_zps93f7ec9a.jpg
 photo BizTrip10_zps37af0b69.jpg
 photo BizTrip11_zpsf9cd91fb.jpg

This one was really neat. You would suck the air out of the dome and the planes would stop flying.
 photo BizTrip9_zps1ac1119a.jpg

On this one you used a simulated video game to dock a space ship.
 photo BizTrip8_zps6c3e284a.jpg
 photo BizTrip7_zps55fe78f5.jpg

My sweet middle son.
 photo BizTrip6_zpse82b970a.jpg

They had a cute little free play area set up for the younger children. Noey went to work cooking.
 photo BizTrip5_zps3509287f.jpg
 photo BizTrip4_zps56407eab.jpg

The last exhibit we played with was the giant peg board. I always wanted one of those smaller ones when I was little. I think I need to put this on a Christmas list.
 photo BizTrip3_zps11fdf18e.jpg
 photo BizTrip2_zps91b60c58.jpg

This was on the last and second sleep at the hotel room. He was going to sleep so he could swim in the morning.
 photo BizTrip1_zpsf4521d4b.jpg

We did receive news that our daddy passed his test!


Jessica said...

This looks like a wonderful place to spend a day. You sound tired and I hope you relax and breathe and find peace. We Mamas who have our littles with us 24/7 get worn out sometimes and we need to stop and recharge our batteries. I hope you have some way of doing that. I love reading about your adventures and how your boys embrace learning and life. I am glad you are blogging again!

Erin sherry said...

Rely looks like your sister chelita.

Erin sherry said...

Remy looks like your sister chelita.

Phyllis said...

My boys would love this museum, too. Noah is growing up so much. He is a big boy now. :)