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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Menu's, I Guess I will Join in.

Several of my bloggy friends blog the weekly supper meal lists they have. I thought I would share mine. It will also shed some light on how I eat, atleast for supper while losing weight and for health. ;) I have had ladies asking. :)

Day 1:
Egg Crepes with Spinach, Tomatoes, and mozzarella
These are really yummy, easy, and quick! They also have shallots in them. They weigh in at only 238 calories a serving. Add a piece of ezekiel bread for toast and YUMMY! It is a light meal that is burned easily and doesn't stay with you or weigh you down. The biggest thing for me was to eat foods that burned up fast but were complete and healthy. Sure you are hungry more often, but being hungry for your next meal is a good thing! We have forgotten what it is like to be hungry from all the heavy fatty meals we ingest.

Day 2:
Mozzarella and Wild Mushroom Quesadillas
I replace the white flour with whole wheat tortillas. This does mean the tortilla has more calories this way, but the complete whole grain of a whole wheat tortilla has so many more pluses than the white. It is used well and it has more nutrition. Not to mention the health of your colon. You can even buy sprouted whole wheat tortillas in the freezer section, these are even better. Inside the tortilla is the mushrooms, red bell pepper, and cheese. Buying reduced cheese saves up to 50 or more calories depening on what type you buy. This meal with a light ceasar salad is 390 calories. The mushrooms and spinach burn quickly, the cheese and tortilla can get you through bed. The salad for me is like candy. I love a good ceaser salad, it is one of my favorite foods.

Day 3:
Bulgar with Leeks and Swiss Chard
I made this one last night. I have made it before and oh my gosh! Add in a small slice of artisan bread to sop up the natural gravy/juices and you can't find a better fall meal! There are also mushrooms in this meal. Mushrooms give you a meaty feel to the meal but they take more calories to burn than they contain. So eat away on those mushrooms. :) If you have never had swiss chard ask me for the recipe! It is one of my favorite ways to prepare it. This recipe takes only 30 minutes to make with only 252 calories per serving. The serving is a HUGE plate. Of course counting the calories in your bread brings it up. But with a meal of Bulgar (cracked whole wheat) and fresh greens, mushrooms, leeks, and veggie broth you know your body is going to use up the goodness quickly. So have the bread. I add about 2 TBs. of nutritional yeast to the broth to make it richer.

Day 4:
Oven-Roasted Vegetables
Okay, I love to make up packet meals. For this one you mix up asparagus, red potatoes, zucchini, grape tomatoes, onions, pesto, lemon juice, and feta. Then you seperate the mixture into their own tinfoil pouches. Close them up and cook for about half an hour. Serve with some homemade wheat bread (1 small to medium slice) and sop up the juices this one makes at the botton of the foil. Cleanup is easy, no pans to cook in. You just need a cutting board and lots of veggie chopping fun. The calories for this one is only 291. And everything is used so well. The potatoes are a bit more than the other veggies but it is only a small amount.

Day 5:
Cashew Tofu with Jasmine Rice
This is a semi cheat dinner for me. I usally made something I crave on one of Matt's days off for the week. Tofu is frozen and then breaded and yes seared in some olive oil. Cashews, boston lettuce, and green onions poured over rice with the light gravy is so good! I have yet to count the calories. I just make sure that day to burn an extra 400 or so of calories. It is easier for me in the summer with the pool. But now long walks are just delicious, and having one after a yummy cheat dinner with my family is even better. :)

If you want recipes ask. I will post photos of meals as I feel so inclined. :)


Motherbird said...

I want the recipe for the bulgar and leeks. That sounds really good.

Motherbird said...

I want the recipe for the bulgar and leeks. That sounds really good.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Looks like yummy stuff!