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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just moving along...

The boys and I have been having a good but busy week. :) We have a Fall Themed Party planned for the 10th that we are working on. It will just be a simple old timey fall party for the kids I love. :) I look forward to seeing my mama pals! :) Matthew and I have been researching how we want to make Eli's best friends Taylor's birthday cake, it is going to be something else! But a best friend from high school gave me the idea, she is a pro cake lady. :)

The puppies are getting so trained! They recognize a few commands and I am loving the training. They get things within about 4-5 repititions and remember them afterwards. Not days. But they are easy things like if I say "come" from anywhere they run and sit and look into my face at my feet. Matthew is so impressed with them. I love my new little girls. :)

Eli is almost do lesson 70 on his 3rd grade work. That means only 100 more until 4th grade! WOW! He has just been going through this stuff.

Elijah has been workingon a classification project in science.

This is really is kind of work. I am impressed with his neatness and with how much he puts into projects like this. He loves to be left alone to work.

The kids earned that first BookIt! reward!

These kids are reading every night and falling asleep doing it. Well, Eli will stop before he nods off. But Remy we have found many a night soothed to la la dreamy land from his own doing. :)

Remy has been in that Garden of course. :) Fresh Tomato and Okra!


Today I saw Remy pretending with this little puppy and kennel.

Isn't it funny that he has two real puppies but chooses to have a blast with this little play set?

He has some art work he has done the past 3 days. :)






We were at the book store last night and Remy found a bird book with the calls on it and wanted it so badly! I think I am going back to get it as a put away for Christmas. ;)


chandra said...

His artwork is great!! Sounds like ya'll are having a great time learning~

Melissa said...

Wow, Eli really is moving along! I suddenly realized yesterday just how close we are to the end of first grade... we did lesson 100! YIKES! And to think we just started at the end of July!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

You guys are moving along! I will be teaching first again really soon! I can't wait! What a fun year.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Your boys are so incredibly cute. I just want to scoop Remy up and keep him in my pocket.

Rhonda said...

Remy's artwork is just great! I love the serious look in Eli's face during his classification project. WTG on the BookIt Reward guys!