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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week 12! 3 Months and Going Strong!

I am now weighing in at 175.2, down from 194.

I lost 2 pounds this week, but I could feel it coming off this week. I just felt different. I remember mid week feeling my stomach while in bed and thinking that is was smaller. I remember looking in the mirror and catching how much smaller my stomach was in the mirror, and then sucking in and barely seeing a belly anymore. I remember walking and again my thighs rubbing less and less together.

But this was a HARD week! It was my time of the month. And everytime it is my time of the month I gain a pound for a day or two and my fingers feel swollen. I made sure to cleanse even more or just more aware of cleansing. Making sure I ate normal and very healthy. I did have a treat though one night. Hey, a gal has to have chocolate at this time of the month. Or I was likely to grow fangs and pick off my family and friends one by one. It would have been ugly!

I have now lost 28 inches all over. I lost 3 of those inches this week. Yea, I know, that is insane!

I lost half an inch in my thighs:
Thighs starting - 26, Thighs now - 23

I lost another inch in my hips this week:
Hips Starting - 48.5, Hips now - 43.5

I also lost another half inch in my LBF (low belly fat):
Starting - 47, This week - 43.5

And the HIGH belly fat:
I lost another inch.
starting - 37, now 33

I want to share photos of foods I ate this week...but I don't have time right now. Later will have to do.

Okay, 25.2 pounds to go until my goal! I have almost reached 20 and I know I can keep going.

Matthew is joining me on Monday for his cleanse. By eating what I am cooking and supporting me he has lost about 15 pounds himself. He is all about this now. :)


Heather the Mama Duk said...

You go girl!

chandra said...

I am so proud of you!! You are amazing....I can't wait to hear what your trick is!! I need some pointers.