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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Urgent Prayers for my UNSAVED Grandmother!

My Mother's mother has been ill in old age for some time. She has lived a hard life. It has been an adult life full of sadness that has turned to bitterness. She has pushed everyone but her daughters away. And not because she didn't try...her daughters love her and tend to her even when she is hard to love.

I stopped contact after many episodes of her saying really horrible things about me, my husband, and that my child was sick because of us. It was so bad. I have already grieved the grandmother I loved in my childhood many years ago. I grieved hard too. I stayed up nights and cried to my husband as he soothed me.

I am okay.

I need your prayers for her. She does not know the Lord. In every Christmas card I give her, I still send them every year, I write to her about the Lord. I don't know if this has touched her. I have no idea.

I am so upset that she could pass away tonight and not know Jesus. :( She pretty much thinks a good person goes to heaven. And she thinks she was good and everyone else was rotten around her. PLEASE, PLEASE, pray for my Ninny Austin. Pray that she finds the presence of the Lord soon.

They don't think she will make it through the night. She went into the hospital soon after my other grandmother got out. So we have had both grandmothers ill lately. My mother is very stressed. She is very worried. And she is just a little girl right now, grieving for the mother she always longed for and will pretty much never have now. I know what she is feeling without words. She cried tonight because her mother is in and out of it and tied down to the bed so she will leave the lines on her alone. I can't even imagine. I just can't. :(

She went in for what we thought a normal emergency in her aging. She had shortness of breath and hadn't urinated in days. She doesn't say anything until it is so bad. She doesn't want to be in the hospital...so she waits.

It has went way downhill since then.

Pray firstly for salvation, that the Lord is waiting for her when her time comes. And then pray for her to make it through so she can mend some relationships. She thought she saw me and my children when she was out of it during the last hospital stay she had. So she longs for me and my children...she just can't bring herself to loving us in person. Lastly pray for my mother...it is never easy to watch a parent creeping towards the end. It is never easy to care for a bitter mother you long to approve of you. It is never easy to have both your mother and husband's mother both ill at the same time.

My mother is newly going to church and new at depending on the Lord. Just pray for her. :(

And pray for me...I am so worried that my grandmother will just wait too long. It crushes my heart. :(


Sherry said...

I will certainly be praying hard for your grandmother--and your mother. No one in our entire family is a Christian except my husband and me, so we know how painful it is to watch those leave us who think they are okay because they are "good people". (We lost my grandmother like this in Jan. '08 and my husband's mother in Feb. '08). I'm also going to be praying for God to give you some peace, because you have done all that you can do since you have tried to tell her about the Lord.

Rhonda said...

Chelita, I am praying for your Grandmother like I have never prayed before. I am also praying for you and your Mother. I can only imagine how hard this must be for all of you. It is in God's hands now hon. I am sending big HUGZ your way.

Kristine said...

I can hear your heartache in your writing. {{{Hugs}}}} I'm praying for all of you. Most of all that your grandmother will walk into Jesus' open arms & let Him melt all her bitterness & hurt away.

Mamaclsn said...

Praying for her and for your family.

Butter said...

How hard. I will keep your grandmother in my prayers. I view salvation a little differently than you do, so I am sure your grandmother will be okay eventually. But I am so sad to hear of someone becoming so bitter like that. It's so sad. I pray everyone can be at peace with her passing and even with her behavior.

Jessica said...

I am sorry you have had to go through those things. She is in my prayers. I also have a different view of salvation, but I know how hard it is to feel sad for the soul of someone you love. My mother, who I do love, is not the same person she once was. Talking to her is like talking to a stranger. After she left my dad and our faith, she shuts people out emotionally. It is really hard and I too pray for a mended fence one day, though I know it is hard when a person has no desire to chance. And I also still talk about spiritual things with her, though she ignores them. HUGS! I too pray that there will be peace with you and your family when the time comes for her to go.