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Sunday, December 21, 2008

One of my BABIES!

I was in the mall shopping on Friday night and I ran into Mrs. Laura and her Sweetie Pie daughter Alise!

Why is this important?

Laura and Wayne graced my life some years ago as doula clients. She had an amazing birth and I cherish the day I witnessed the two of them become parents! I will never forget Laura crying and asking for her glasses so she could see her baby better! I will never forget the little sweet face that peeped from her blanket to the outside world. How new our world was to her! And now she is a very bright and capable young lady living in a warm family full of love.

I have a HUGE secret desire to help Wayne and Laura again...but I think Mrs. Laura has other plans! *sigh*

When Laura and I saw each other we screamed and danced and hugged! We freaked Alise out BIG TIME! Oops...

Laura, we must make it a date to get together after Christmas, so she can see me less excited!

I was overjoyed to see Laura, life has been hectic for me since that birth. What a Christmas present that was for me. :)

You can get to know this sweet family here:

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Laura said...

Oh, you are too sweet!! Yes, I think our excitement got Alise a little scared. After we left you and your sweet family, she told me, "Mommie, you scared me!!" I couldn't help but laugh as I had to tell her about Ms. Chelita and her birth story. A-mazing!!! I was SO happy to see you guys! We MUST get together!