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Monday, December 29, 2008

Weight Loss UPDATE - WEEK 22!

It is now offically almost the New Year. I made it through the month of December. I am happy to report that I am still going DOWN, DOWn, DOwn, Down, down, in pounds! Hee hee! Are you READY?

From my starting weight on that SWEET July day to now...
194 - 168.2
That is 25.8 pounds of loss and I have 18.2 pounds to go until my goal of 150!

If you go by my highest weight of 198 before moving to the new house with yard work and a pool I have lost 29.8 pounds! Almost 30 pounds!

I also have some inch loss to report. :) And that is always fun! My 14's are getting baggy now and I can't wait to purchase a size 12 in pants. :) I know they fit, I have tried them on. ;) I can't wait to be in a size 10 and below!

Okay inches time...
Arms: start- 14.5 and now 13
Thighs: start- 26 and now 23
Bust: start 43.5 and now 39
Waist: start 41.5 and now 33.5
Hips: start 48.5 and now 43

My high and low inches are:
HBF: start- 37 and now 33
LBF: start- 47 and now 43

I am now at a loss of 30.5 inches total.

The big inch loss this time when I measured was my arms! I am really excited about this because my arms measurement has not changed since that first inch that came off when I was starting off. I have been trying my best to lose something off of them for weeks. And I have lost another half inch now! :) YAY!

I also lost another half inch on my waist since my last measurement.

Things I have noticed lately...my abs are starting to look really shapely! I mean they have definition. I really want to work up those muscles before I have a new pregnancy. I think that will help with the belly button hernia issue I had with Remy's pregnancy. I was too soft I think for his pregnancy. I wasn't overweight, but my muscles were not fit in that area. Add an almost 10 pounds baby and things ripped. :(

I am also thinking about and researching ways to increase the integrity of my skin. I get stretch marks really bad and this was very helpful for the hernia. URGH!

That is my update. I hope everyone else on a weight loss journey is doing well and made it through the holidays. :)

Thanks for keeping me going ladies!


Sherry said...

That's great!!! You've obviously been working really hard! :)

Butter said...

You go girl!

Rhonda said...

WTG girlio!!! You are doing an amazing job!

Shannon said...

Nice Job! Keep up the great work! I am very encouraged by your progress! Thanks for posting!