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Monday, January 05, 2009


Last night we received the call that Matthew's Grandfather, Sweet Paw, decided to let go of this time and world to join his Heavenly Father in the Sweetest Place ever...

Matthew and I are not sad...we are so excited for him! To know where your loved one is, it is just such a peaceful moment. :) For his body to be whole and to be HOME! I can only imagine what beauty and sweetness he was enveloped in as he entered the Kingdom! Oh I am so happy for him!

Sweet Paw leaves a beautiful legacy behind him here. He married a beautiful woman that he built a sweet life with. He was a gentle and warm man who showered his family with his sweetness everyday. But he was also a man of strength and he was very protective! Matthew loves to tell the story of him getting cut off by a truck driver with his children in the car. He tracked that man down and pulled him out of the car and scared the mess out of him. I can BET YOU that man was more careful when he drove from then on.

Sweet Paw loved to be active. He had his own driving instruction business in El Paso, Texas and a cabin in Ruidoso, NM that he loved to visit. He was one of those men that they don't make anymore. He was a family man, but a man still in touch with the wildness that God puts into each man. Sweet Paw knew how to balance them. And he loved his LORD!

I have never seen children adore a father like they adore him. He was for them a very real impression of the Lord's love for them. I know that they miss him so much and the time they must spend away from him is just way too long.

I pray for Mamaw as she gets through this, as well as his daughter Becky and her husband Greg. They were so giving of their time and hearts. They cared for Sweet Paw and allowed us all to live our lives as normal. Matthew and I believe that Greg and Becky were the only ones special enough to do this. We thank them. We love them. I pray that they can adjust to this new life that isn't so full of responsibility. I know they feel lost a little.

What I remember in my own relationship with Sweet Paw...

A quiet man who smiled at me whenever I entered the room.

A man I always felt close to.

I remember leaning in close to him to hear him talk.

I remember pretending to not see my shoe laces being untied and tied together by him, he loved to play.

I remember the love that glowed around him.

I remember placing my first born and my second born in his arms for the first time.

I remember this sweet man holding my children and just staring at them while he smiled.

I remember playing football with him (part of his therapy).

I remember my youngest Remy feeling extreme love for a man he didn't really know, but felt a connection with. He talked about him all the time.

I remember a sweet man who welcomed me into the family...no questions...no thoughts...he loved me right away. He and his children made me feel as if I were always there. They gave me more people to love. And I do, I love them.

Enjoy the SWEET PLACE you SWEET Wonderful MAN! I am so happy for you! I wondered about what you were doing as I fell asleep last night! Enjoy it for us all! What a reunion for you! Your home at last!








Rhonda said...

This was a beautiful tribute to him Chelita. You have such a warm heart girl! I LOVE this song!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful tribute!!!!!

Kristenph said...

How sweet. He sounds like a wonderful man.

Mamaclsn said...

That is beautiful.

Tisha said...

You are so sweet! I love how you made me feel like I knew him as well. I agree that he couldn't be in a better place!

Butter said...

What an adorable old man! Your tribute is beautiful.