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Monday, January 19, 2009

Remy's Birthday Fun!

Remy's first request was for the rice and bean cakes he calls "Moochies" from the Chinese Grocery.


He then wanted to go Geocaching!






We also went to the antique store we like and we purchased LOTS of used books. That is another post...but...here he is reading his Indy book. :) The Monkey is new. He bought him with his own money that day.



The book is really neat because it skips from page to page and each time you read it is a new story! :) I sort of remember these books from my childhood. Matthew said he loved them as a child.


Mamaclsn said...


Laura said...

I remember those books!

Rhonda said...

Great fun! Oooh new books! You will have to tell us all about them! I love book bargains.

Kristine said...

Choose your own adventure books! Yay! My brother read them all the time. He wasn't a big reader and they were a great way for my mom to get him to read. We still have some here at my home. So cool they are still out there.

Butter said...

I used to LOVE those choose your own adventure type books!

Britwife said...

I was trying to remember HOW on earth I found your blog all those months ago...(yes, I lurked!)
I think it was geocaching! WE LOVE IT!
Remy totally rocks, if that is what he chose to do for a birthday adventure!

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday to Remy. I forgot just how close in age he and Landon are. Remy seems older and is definitely more advanced in reading and math. It's been a hard year for Landon but I believe it will click for him one day and he will catch up with his class. He will be six on February 6th and like you I just don't know how that can be! Didn't I JUST have him? Wasn't I only yesterday hoping to have my tubal reversed? Then again, how can I have one in college?