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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Around the Yard...and What Remy Wants to be When he Grows UP!

We have been spending almost all of our time outside in an effort to raise our temperatures and kill of the evil cold buggies! Eli and Remy are doing okay with it and we hope that kind of luck continues since we will not have our Cobra insurance take effect until 45 days from now. Anything we seek treatment for we will have to pay up front and then later they will refund us. We have pretty much decided to keep to ourselves as much as possible in order to keep as many germs as possible away. Pray for our health for the next month!

One night I went out with a flashlight and found this guy! I have searched and I cannot figure out what he is. :( Any help?


Remy is keeping a collection of all the dead bugs he finds along with the lizard skull he will not part with. YUCK!


My little bean photos I posed about in an earlier post were actually flowers that opened up and then fell off to reveal the real beans! Seems I got a little excited about the baby beans! :)


The roses in the front yard are blooming so well this year. Granted, we finally trimmed them the way we were supposed to this year. ;)


My silly boy...


...wants to be this when he grows up...


You have to look closely but you can see the little monkey clinging to his side in the picture. He wants to go into the wild and find animals for his zoo...just like Steve Irwin.


Melissa said...

It's an army worm, and you want to kill it before it kills your garden and trees!!...and any others that you find, of course, lol... :-) They normally travel in... well... armies!

Rhonda said...

Yep, those worms will destroy a garden in no time at all. I had to get some Seven Dust to sprinkle on my patio garden because they found it and in one night wiped out one of my bell pepper plant.

Congrats on your little beans! We have been picking banana peppers and cherry tomatoes from our garden, but Lindsay is eating them faster that we pick them. LOL!

Your roses are just gorgeous. Do they have a scent to them? They just look like they would have that really sweet smell to them.

Remy is so darling, Chelita. I just love the way he sees life.

I hope that your little family stays away from all of the summer sickies out there. I hope that all is going well for you. Sending hugs your way.

heather said...

goodness! them roses are beautiful! great to see you are having good luck with your garden..the day i sent you pics of ours, our tomatoes turned brown and fell off! :( NOW THAT IS NOT WHAT I'D CALL RIPE! lol
oh remy! he is such a stinker!

Michelle said...

My little Colton wants to be the same thing when he grows up. I guess it is a little boy's dream.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I can see Remy doing exactly that!