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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Heat Travels

Elijah has been learning about birds in science. The topic of what kind of materials to use for bird houses and baths was talked about. To show that heat travels from something hot to something cooler I had this experiment set out for him to try. He loved using the lighter and candles. Boys, rolly eyes.


He lit the big candle so he could light the little candles when he was ready to use the flame.


Next he dripped wax from the small birthday candle onto the long screw, which of course was metal, something that conducts heat very easily.


It is hard to see in a photo but he held the screw tip into the flame and you could SEE the heat move along from the hottest point to the coolest point very quickly. The wax dots melted one by one. He concluded that he should stay away from metal for any buildings for his wild birds.


This was one of his FAVORITE experiments ever. Fire. Need I say more? And he was allowed to play with it!


Sybille said...

Great experiment!

Rhonda said...

I remember Melanie doing this one! Yep, she really thought that she was hot stuff, getting to play with fire. LOL!

Britwife said...

That is amazing. We would've probably burned the house down trying this one!

Butter said...

My kids would love doing that stuff. They love fire lol