A Mom and a Family of Men!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Remy's Bird Feeder

In science Remy made a bird feeder.

He mixed the seeds and peanut butter up and put them into a cup with holes.


We added a string.



He decided to hang it on this tree...do you see it above him to the right? He was very proud.


Elijah has a big bird study going on and he thinks he may feed some for the fall and winter...now for him to make his lists of needs for this project.


Rhonda said...

Ohhh I hope that lots of little birdies come to feed!

A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

I need to see what you are doing with Eli's bird study. I've been planning on doing birds for about 4 years now, and just seem to get stumped when I sit down to think about what I want them to learn.

Love Remy's bird feeder! Looks like good, MESSY fun!! The best kind!

Butter said...

I hope the birds have loved his feeder!