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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Lapbook

The boys and I started our fall lapbook today. We had so much fun. :)

We started with looking up the word season and they each wrote what it meant on their season paper.





They each labeled the seasons with the photo prompt.


We read 2 fall books together.

They made a season booklet to put in their lapbook, Eli's is on the top.



We found out when fall started this year and then we made a little spinning chart about when all the season began this year.


This led to how the seasons actually change. We used our globe and flashlight and then they watched these videos. :)

Click Here for your own copy of this Lapbook!


Sybille said...

Great lapbooking! Wish you a wonderful autumn weekend!

Rhonda said...

I hope that we can get around to this one. I really like it! Great work y'all!

Stephanie said...

Uncle Bill!!
Just kidding. We love him so. :)

Butter said...

Very nice!

Amy said...

Hey, if you send me your address....I'd love to send you & the boys a fun Halloween card! Email me....lfunnyfarm@aol.com