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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fondant Cake Class Two ~ Flowers

Elijah had his second fondant class today. He is really in love with this course and he is quite good at it!

Before we left he prepared for his class.



We arrived at the store and he quickly caught on to the rose.




He then completed his carnation.




Look at his CALLA LILY!!!!



Two more classes to go! :)

Remy used some of the fondant and made a palm tree with a monkey and a tree.



He had to show them off to the teacher and he promptly received a sweet hug. :)

If you are in my area and in need of cake classes let me know. This lady is AWESOME!


Tisha said...

Oh my! He's AMAZING!!! Great job, Eliman!!!!

Jessica said...

WoW! He and my Lilah would be fast friends. I am in awe. Although I am nowhere close to you, was this class offered through an art store or craft store?

Rhonda said...

Oh wow! He did an excellent job!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Yes, he is taking his classes at Hobby Lobby.

Jolene said...

Fantastic job Eli!!!

Sadie said...

His carnation if great! Amazing work

Michelle said...

Awesome! He should be proud of himself! :)

Claire said...

He is so talented!

Claire said...

He is so talented!

heather said...

wow that is awesome! i am so proud of him ;)

Julia said...

Oh, wow, those are so awesome!! I love Remy's monkey.. hehe

Sybille said...


Brenda said...

Ok...I'm impressed!!!!

Sharon Posey said...

I love his flowers! They are fantastic!

Great Job Eli! Keep practicing and you'll be the new Ace of Cakes!!

Love and hugs, Sharon

Heather the Mama Duk said...

He is seriously talented!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I so need to show Eli some youtube of that ace of cakes guy.

Valerie said...

goodness, that boys got talent!

Beyond Blessed said...

What in the world?! Those look amazing!! How can he take fondant and make it look exactly like a real flower??!! Eli needs to teach the Ace of Cakes guy a thing or two!! I love Remy's monkey and tree. Precious!