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Friday, July 09, 2010

Remy's Homemade Twister

Remy begs for one of those twister pets everytime he sees them in stores. They range from $10 - $20 dollars each. I always tell him, NO!

He has studied about tornadoes and I had to let him make his own pet twister. ;)

Fill a jar with a top about 3/4 full of water. Add one teaspoon each of vinegar and dish soap.



You may add some coloring if you wish. Remy put five drops, I would suggest one or two.


Add some glitter debris if you would like...


Shake it all up...


Let the man of the house tighten that lid TIGHT.

And swirl to wake your pet twister!



Sadie said...

We made those with our co-op back in May...they had a lot of fun with them

Rhonda said...

Wow! Great photo! Neat and you saved all kinds of money!

Jolene said...

You always do the coolest experiments with your kids and this one is super cool :) WTG Remy

Kristine said...

I need to do that with my boys! They are facinated with twisters since last year when one hit nearby.

Mica said...

we loved doing those when my son was younger...how fun is that! Mica

Retro said...

We'll have to add that to our list of experiments! Looks like fun!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Very cool!