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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Knew Yard Work Could Be So Sweet?

The men and I decided to get out in the front yard and clean up a bit. We didn't finish it, but we have learned that with Noah we just need to get out there and do what we can. Sometimes he surprises us with how long he enjoys an activity. Other times he is done right away. You know how it is. The baby sets the pace of the activity.

While Elijah mowed for a little bit I watched my sweet Baby Bleu. :)


The Monkey hung and swung from Mrs. Appletree.


The front yard started to look so nice. :) I love my big boy helper. Elijah really has become a young man of late. He helps me do so much. Just last year I still thought him my baby. Now he can push the mower and do such grownup things. Remy still runs around collecting bugs. Elijah helps me. When did it happen? When did he become one who senses responsibility beyond play? *sniff sniff*


After Eli got to the point of the yard where he thought he may pass out I took over and we almost finished. I even pruned Mrs. Appletree. While that went on Remy was the babysitter. I gave Mrs. Appletree a cut and trim, Eli hung out in the tree holding ladybug larvae, and Remy introduced Noah to the joy of a dandelion puff.


How was I so blessed with such wonderful young men to spend my days with? My heart aches it feels so full.


Claire said...

Noah looks very mellow. I can tell you that Katy Ann would have sat there for about three seconds for freaking out completely. She is under the impression that she is a 25 pound newborn that I need to carry about, lol.

Kristine said...

It's bittersweet seeing them grow up isn't it?

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Claire, he is the same way, unless he is outside! He will allow me to do something for maybe 30 minutes out of doors. BUT his brothers have to make fools of themselves for him. He also like Eli my 12 year old ALOT and so he will deem him okay for a few minutes as well. I love those mamas babies!

It is, Kristine, it is.