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Monday, June 20, 2011

Light Unit ~ Elijah

We started a unit on light. :) The title of it is called, "Let There Be Light". I love that, too cute!

You will need:


* A light
* Glass of milk
* Glass
* Book

I had Eli shine his pen light from the top of the drinking glass through to the table. I asked him what happened. He said the object was transparent because it allowed the light to pass right through it.


We did the same thing with the book. He remembered that something that doesn't allow light to pass through is called opaque.


Next, I had him pour his soymilk into the glass he had used before. He held the pen light under the bottom of the glass of milk. He decided the milk diffused and scattered the light.


He also thought the light through the milk was pretty. It was. :) After we were done he put 8 carbs into his insulin pump and enjoyed the milk. ;) YUM!

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Rhonda said...

Oh how I remember the girls working on a light unit last school year. We loved it. Great photos from the light study.