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Thursday, June 09, 2011

We are Working Along...

We have been working very hard in school. I can't believe how much we have completed in the past three months when compared with my pregnant and new baby days. Noah has about one to two naps if I am lucky. They are not long and he fights his sleep so much. He is like Eli was...he fears he may miss something.

Remy is deep into his American History studies. I was at the teacher store and I saw hot dot cards for the states. I decided to break out the hot dot pen he had for his addition cards way back in the day. ;) He was very excited to use it again and with the states. I can see an improvement already. We were just looking at a map and saying the states. This is fun because he must find the state and make the pen light up.


Elijah finished up his book and wrote his book report. I had to give very little correction and NO help during his writing. It is so neat to me to see how he is growing. I can see he is remembering what is expected of him and he is putting those things I have taught him to work. Whew! Sometimes you wonder if they will ever get something. He has never cared to write...but he is finding a happy balance with it.


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Rhonda said...

So happy to hear that you have found some balance in your homeschooling this year. I admire you for getting it all done and having a little one to take care of in the midst of it all. The two older girls have finished for the year, but Lindsay still has work to complete. My heart has not been in it, but we are still moving along.