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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kitchen Science Day 2

I finally made it to day 2 of my kitchen science. Time is not my friend right now.

Day 1 was so long ago. But the boys remembered what we learned.

You will need:

*two small glasses
*teaspoon measure
*baking soda
*baking powder
*orange juice (later)


Put one teaspoon of baking powder into one glass and one teaspoon of soda into the other.

We learned that baking powder fizzed more because it is an acid and a base. When it became wet, it fizzed. The soda did not because water is not an acid.


Next, we rinsed the glasses and filled them with orange juice.

We repeated the same experiment.


This time we found the acid from the orange juice made the base from the soda react much more than the baking powder which already contained an acid and a base. We really thought the powder would react much better since it was double the acid.

Then, Matthew had the clever idea to get the tums and mash them into a powder. He added the tums powder to the juice.


Seriously, no wonder my throat was on fire the whole pg. I had the worst heartburn with each boy, each time it was worse. With Noah it about killed me. I was doing all the natural stuff I could find, nothing worked. I started living on the TUMS. Now, they were not doing much, but I was desperate. I will never use them again after this experiment. They do not quelch acid in the tummy, they make it worse! That fizz came up fast and almost came out of the glass! We were all shocked! I also believe it caused calcifications on my placenta.

Here is the line up:


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Rhonda said...

Well would you look at that! You learn something new everyday. Great experiment.