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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hawk Attack!

Before Christmas my little puglet puppy was almost carried away by a HAWK! Elijah was walking her outside, not on a leash, but in our fenced backyard. He turned for just a moment and the hawk took that moment to swoop down and attempt to take her for its meal. Eli was right there and heard the squealing. He thought the puppy was behind him because she always stays right by our feet. He thought the hawk was hurt. He stomped and screamed at it to see if that would scare it off. He thought the yelping was the hawk, maybe it was hurt. He startled the bird at just the right moment because it released its hold on the pups head and flew off. Elijah said its wings never folded up...he was ready for flight. The puppy fought back and with Elijah right there he didn't have a chance to carry it off. It was so close to the pups eye and almost took her eye! We rushed her to the vet where we were told that this happens ALOT. This is not a tale that has been passed down. One of the vet techs neighbors had their yorkie pup taken off by a hawk. Another one saw their pup taken and eaten by an owl. The bigger the dog is they will fly up and drop them to the ground to kill them and then rip them apart to take back to the nest. Conservationists can say whatever they want, but just the two vets we spoke to and friends and family members, shows that this is a regular thing with hawks.

I have heard so many accounts of it by now that I can't believe this isn't common knowledge. Always walk your pets on a leash, always. The vet also said that most "lost" pups that were let out to walk and you can't find them or find how they got out of a "safe" spot in the yard, chances are they could have been taken by a hawk. Please walk your little ones. If Eli had not been there she would be gone.

You can see how the pups head was in the hawks talons here.


This is the eye that was almost taken...just one more smidgen of that one talon.


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jugglingpaynes said...

Poor thing! Years ago, I remember reading an article (complete with picture) where an eagle attacked a small child at a beach in New Hampshire. How much easier would it be to take a pug pup!

I'm glad she's OK. People in our area know they have to keep small dogs and cats safe because of coyotes, I'm not sure if they realize that birds of prey can also take a small animal.

Peace and Healing,

Jessica said...

OMG that is the most awful thing! I don't know who I feel worse for your poor puppy or you son who must have been so upset! We have had hawks drop two dead squirrels almost on us (literally about 5 feet from us) while we were walking on the sidewalk. TWICE in one week! I never really gave much thought to having my 20 lb dog outside in her kenneled area. It is tucked in the corner of our house and not near any trees but still......thank you for making me rethink letting her out alone.