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Monday, March 09, 2009

Lots of Random moments with art and box day!

One week the kids wanted to do lots of art. :)

Remy made this stick picture of a car...it looks more like a house. He said that it was way harder than he thought it would be.


I set Eli up with all of his materials one day and Remy said that he wanted to do what Elijah was doing. Remy always wants what Eli has. :)


Eli sprinkled salt on the wet paint in the sky and it made bare spots where the salt soaked up the paint and it looked like a snowy backdrop.


Here are the cutest little feet all tattooed...we call them fishy feets. :)


Remy made a little bear clock and he has used it in school since. :)



I think he just really liked using the laminater. Hee hee...

Now this one was perfect...since Remy is a little stinker. :)


With this one Elijah reviewed primary and secondary colors and distance.


I just love the little pencil drawings they made. Remy made this one, he says they are tulips.


And this is the picture he drew of a mother cat and her kitten.


I love to walk by a book and see that its place is being kept. Elijah is still very much into his rocks, crystals, and minerals. I really need to branch off more on this. It is so hard to get in everything you want to do in your homeschool.


Speaking of Elijah, isn't he such a big looking boy now? I looked up from my own book to find this! This huge almost man!


I have written out a new schedule for our homeschool and with that it gives daddy a chance to help with school when he goes into work later in the day. I was getting so tired of starting some days after 1 or so in the afternoon. So they are getting used to having school with daddy home. We still take off when daddy is off tough. Remy and daddy worked on his math. It was cuteness!



Remy bought a new monkey with his money an I captured this photo of him watching tv. He was just standing there with his hand out like that. He was allowing his new monkey to watch tv.


Remy learned a poem about an elephant and then he cut this one out and his little finger is the trunk. TOO CUTE! :_

An here is our box day!

I am still waiting on my last box for Eli. he only as a little under 3 weeks left of 3rd!

I am very happy with the 4th grade history and science. I really think I could have ordered the 5th math, but for the most part we are happy with it all. I will just mark out the review and add in some of the new stuff he loves. :)

I so hope this weather stays around. I love the sweet spring days...although the little vampires were out today. Eeek!

Remy is keeping and tending frogs again and he has tried to capture some lizards but they are smart and run to the front of the fence and hide.

We had a scare with the puppies and I will TRY to update about that one day. It is related to Reese.


Tisha said...

Your boys are doing great with their art! I love it! :)

Box days are the BEST!

Sherri said...

I love the one of Remy doing his Math because his two little monkeys are sitting there. The one is always there...now there will be two :).
I had my thyroid biopsy yesterday. I might hear the results of it today. I wil call if I get a chance. We are really going to just have to leave the kids with our husbands one day and go out to eat or something so we can have a good visit!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Sherrie, I would love that!

Rhonda said...

Awww Chelita, I just love seeing the boys work. I remember my girls doing those crafts. In fact we just did the little skunk one last week. That little bear clock is so cute isn't it? It is so wonderful that your husband helps the boys out with their lessons. Just so sweet. Yay on your box day! I know how exciting it can be!

heather said...

I just absolutely love all your great pictures yall have drawn and made :) and I am glad you are having school with Daddy, what fun that can be :)
Chelita! Remy's eyes in the picture of box day-he looks like he belongs to me haha if only they were blue; he would be one of mine LOL :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Fun stuff going on at your house! That little clock is darling. I would imagine that making a car out of toothpicks would be harder than you'd think. I think mine would come out abut like Remy's!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Heather C, Hee hee, he is yours in a way!

Heather D, after he had finished I told him I would have broken then to curve the sticks. He wasn't pleased with me. LOL.